Using Frontrunner at school


When you purchase multi-user licences and take your class into the computer suite, you are buying licences for individual students not machines.

Introduction to Frontrunner
1. Use the data projector or electronic whiteboard to take a class through a simple revision module. Use this opportunity to show other aspects of the programme that should include the glossary, adaptive learning, instant explanations, Final Results (at the end of a module), and the Results (the summary of all module results in a subject. Note that this can be accessed as soon as they enter a subject.)

2. Take the class into the computer suite and allow them to log-on and create a profile and explore some modules for themselves.

3. Assign modules as homework each week or fortnight. Require students to bring in printouts regularly and place in their folder. You can use the Learning Managements Suite (LMS) as well.

4. Link homework to class work and syllabus requirements.

In-class Use
5. Teach the topic as normal and use any relevant teaching points on the data projector as a teaching resource.

6. Assign Frontrunner modules either as class work if the computer suite is available. Or as homework.

7. Encouraged students to score at 90% on Achieved-only modules before moving on to the more difficult parallel modules with the more challenging 'Merit' and 'Excellence' level questions. 

8. Encourage student-centred learning and group work by having students work in pairs. Because of the adaptive functionality, students engaged in group work will move quickly onto the more difficult questions. Remember that students should re-sit modules to improve their score and 'working at' level.

9. Keep track of the modules you have assigned. Highlight module titles on the teachers' .xls spreadsheet provided.

Data gathering to monitor progress
10. Either collect the printout of all the individual module results.
Or use the printout form from the Results section at the end of the unit/homework period.
Or view each student's hard copy recording sheet.
Or use the LMS.

Use printouts for reports and parent-teacher evenings. You can tell parents that Frontrunner is a one-stop revision shop - there is always relevant material on Frontrunner for the student to use and re-use.

1. The last month of the school year is a good time to introduce students to the next year's work and show how useful Frontrunner will be. At this time the computer suites are generally more available and students will appreciate learning on a different medium for the last few weeks. This is a good time to create profiles, activate licences and get students doing some preparatory work for the next year.

2. Students with internet access at home should be able to use Frontrunner for homework.
Access to the computer suite could be limited to pupils without a computer at home.
If there are pods in the library or other classrooms, students could access these during class times, intervals, lunchtimes, and after school.

1. The school orders the required number of licences either by contacting the editor by email with subject and student numbers or by ordering on line.
2. Frontrunner Learning creates the required number of multi-use licence codes. (10 licence activations per code)
3. The school is emailed a file with a MASTER COPY of the INSTRUCTIONS FOR STUDENTS – Handout in a Word document which has a single copy of each of the multi-use licence codes.
So if the school orders 100 licences, there will be 10 pages of INSTRUCTIONS FOR STUDENTS – Handout – each of the 10 pages will have a different licence code.
4. The school should photocopy off 10 copies of each sheet and hand one out to each student. (Spares are active licences which can be allocated to students at another date or credited.)
5. Each student follows the instructions in the INSTRUCTIONS FOR STUDENTS – Handout to create a profile and activate the subject.)
6. When you purchase multi-user licences, you are buying licences for individual students NOT computers.
7. Unused licences can be credited/returned.

Follow the instructions on the INSTRUCTIONS FOR STUDENTS – Handout.

1. Once each field is filled in and the "create profile" button is clicked, the student is taken back to the login page. The student should then use the profile username and password to enter the demo site.

2. The student is best to use an easily remembered username and password, and use their school email address because a copy of their username and password will automatically be sent to that email address.
Frontrunner will forward those to the school on request or teachers may ask students to provide them with a copy.

3. If the student has created a profile in the past, has forgotten the password and tries to create a new profile using his original email address, the system will think someone is hacking into it. If the student doesn't have a new email address to use, have them create a realistic but false address and ensure the teacher keeps a copy of the new username and password.

Each student is issued with the INSTRUCTIONS FOR STUDENTS – Handout in which the licence code is recorded.

1. Teachers will receive free licences and access in order to familiarise themselves with the architecture, to read the teaching points and practice some of the modules.

2. Teachers can then explore ways of integrating Frontrunner into their programme. See Contents and Summary handouts for more ideas.