Advantages and Benefits: e-learning v write-ons



  • The Frontrunner Learning Program offers unique advantages and benefits for New Zealand students and teachers over the traditional texts.
  • Frontrunner SUPPORTS and REINFORCES good teaching.
    An important current debate in schools is about the value of computers in learning. Frontrunner does not replace good teachers.
  • Frontrunner does offer definite advantages over some kinds of textbooks, especially for learning, study and revision.studying. Frontrunner PERSONALISES learning in ways that no book can.

1. A personalised learning program for

  • More able students: adaptive learning software in Frontrunner provides students with learning activities automatically geared to their ability and allows students with particular strengths to work consistently at an excellence level.
  • Struggling students: the revision modules and Achieved-only modules where they are introduced to new concepts slowly. Lots of easier questions develop skills, confidence and competence. Students can then move on to the parallel modules with the more challenging 'Merit' and 'Excellence' level questions.

This personalised learning means that each student will progress through their Frontrunner modules by a different path, and that pathway will be best for that student.
No book can do this.

2. Instant personal feedback

  • Students learn best when they can get instant feedback - something not always possible in the classroom where the teacher is busy with other students.
  • Student work is marked automatically and where there are errors the correct answer with an explanation can be called up.
  • Students are competitive. They want to know immediately how good they are and whether they are improving.
  • More importantly, students cannot cheat because there is no way they can look up and copy the answers before they do the question.

No book can do this.

3. Mastery Learning

  • Students need to be exposed to new concepts at least four times to gain understanding, ten times to gain mastery.
  • With an average of 30-40 questions per module, students can re-sit a module 3-4 times to improve their scores and 'working at' levels and to gain mastery.

No book can do this.

4. A comprehensive and interactive resource

  • Frontrunner provides more extensive material than can be included in a text book. For example:
    English Year 10 has 120+ modules = over 200 pages of teaching material + over 4000 questions AND explanations
    Maths Year 11 has 105 modules = over 200 pages of teaching material + over 4500 questions AND all of the Year 11 Maths in Revision folders
  • Frontrunner is an interactive resource for students because it allows them to interact with the material.
    Frontrunner is an interactive resource for teachers because it allows you to suggest improvements, additiional  content and new subjects.

Frontrunner is able to respond quickly to the needs of its customers and can stay current more easily.
No book can do this.

5. An up-to-date and flexible resource

  • Frontrunner can adapt quickly to changes in the curriculum and include new material as a result of feedback from teachers and students.
  • Frontrunner is ideal for multi-level teaching in senior classes and individual educational programmes.
  • Frontrunner is flexible enough to be adapted to the needs of other qualifications like Cambridge and International Baccalaureate. At the click of a button each subject may be approached either By Achievement Standard for those taking an NCEA course, or By Topic for all other courses.

While the question types may differ from those used in courses, they have been carefully designed according to Bloom's taxonomy to assess the same skills and knowledge needed to answer 'Merit' and 'Excellence' questions. Frontrunner questions are therefore appropriate across a wide range of academic abilities in a classroom.
No book can do this.

Personalised evaluation and record-keeping

  • Everything a student does on Frontrunner is marked and the results recorded automatically. At the click of a button a student, parent or teacher can see what topics have been covered, exactly when (time/date) they were working, and the result - all this for the whole year if necessary.
  • In this way individual study can be monitored and progress observed. Past tests and individual questions can be reviewed, if necessary.

No book can do this.

7. Positive utilisation of the computer - at home or at school
Computers are the window to the world for most students. Increasingly, computers are the main tool for a combination of communication, socialising, entertainment and research.

  • For students - Frontrunner allows students to use their computers (and their computer expertise) for relevant, effective learning.
  • For teachers - Frontrunner provides ready-made teaching resources for you to use with a data projector or electronic whiteboard.
  • For parents, especially Home Educators – Frontrunner provides a valuable educational use for the computer and Internet and enables you to track learning and progress.

No book can do this.

8. Teaching and Learning Focussed
Frontrunner Learning is an essential tool to meet the increased emphasis on differentiated learning styles, teaching and learning outcomes, and assessment in schools today.

  • The program provides an alternative, hands-on learning environment.
  • Each subject is clearly linked to generic state curriculum objectives so can be adapted to the courses currently used in schools.
  • Each module begins with learning outcomes and is followed by clear and concise material to support learning in the classroom. A variety of questions and question types provide students with much needed opportunities to not only practice skills but also to work on exercises that assess their understanding at the higher levels of critical thinking. This provides students with new learning experiences and opportunities for success.

Only Frontrunner Learning can do all this!

The Frontrunner Learning Program will turn a computer or laptop into a state-of-the-art learning centre for the secondary school curriculum.