Information for Students

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1. Frontrunner Learning is a smart new way for you to learn at your own speed, in your own time.

2. Frontrunner Learning will help you study successfully and it will improve your exam results because it:

  • gives you key subject notes
  • tests your knowledge and skills
  • marks your work and give instant feedback
  • gives you explanations, and challenges you with harder questions to help you progress into more challenging Merit and Excellence level material

3. Frontrunner Learning tells you immediately how good you are, what level you are working at and whether you are improving.

4. The Frontrunner Learning System caters for this as no other program can.

5. The Frontrunner Learning System will help you study successfully and it will improve your exam results.

PERSONAL, CONFIDENTIAL ... and free to trial
You need to set up a personal profile to access even the free demonstration modules.
Establishing a profile reveals no personal details, costs nothing and does not commit you to purchase anything.
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If someone else uses your ID and password then any work they do in your area of Frontrunner Learning will distort the record of your work. Keep your records true, accurate and personal. 

And a full year's work in any subject costs only $65.00!

You can do your study and have it marked straight away.