- "I'm using live wire a lot. It's helped greatly already. I feel like I am as prepared for the exams as I can be and that's thanks to the program. Thank you for the program - it's great." - George, Year 11

- Here is what a Year 8 student says about Live-wire Learning:
"The great part about Live Wire Learning is that you know exactly where you've gone wrong and know how to fix it.
There is no time limit to answer the questions so I think that makes it makes it a lot easier for students as you can work at your own pace. And if you want or challenge or not, it is completely over to you. There is a wide range of topics to choose from which makes it really versatile and easy.
   Because Live-wire Learning is on the computer, you don't need to carry any books or pencil-cases around, which I think we students are finding really great.  Being web-based it also great because you can work at school and then complete it at home.
It's a great way to boost your learning in a short amount of time. If you're willing to learn, then this site is the answer."
- Moana-lyn Te Whata, Northern Southland College

  • "Live-Wire Learning is lots of fun. I really enjoyed it and found it useful for helping me with language work, especially spelling and apostrophes. It's a great set up and easy to access!"
    - Jonathan, Year 7 student at Middleton Grange
  • "After doing Live-wire for a term, it dramatically benefitted my grades. I got an Excellence in my school exams and put it down to doing the Live-wire modules for 1.6 Unfamiliar Text. It is good to have a variety of examples of poems, speeches, posters etc ...Overall I like Live-wire because it is a new and bright way to get practise in different aspects of English."
    - Nicole, Year 11 student

  • "The programme was excellent for revision and if you didn't understand something, the programme could tell you where you went wrong."
  • "It was helpful for the upcoming exam because it covered the topics that we had learned and was an easy programme to use."
  • "The teaching notes are informative and well laid out. Subjects are relevant and challenging. Good product."
  • "I would be happy to use this programme for exam revision. I think it would be useful because it will help students to achieve better exam results."
  • "Live-wire is great and extremely helpful to revise through out the year. It gives the student a really good idea at where they are sitting in the NCEA exam system. The system gives a reasonable variety of question types and the explanations are helpful and clear."
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  • My son got NCEA level 1 with Merit (very few of his friends did).  I have no doubt that LWL made a difference.  It gave him a change from paper based studying and was almost enjoyable (his words)!
  • "My son found this program invaluable. He had been on correspondence and had struggled but he was able to take himself through this program and prepare himself step by step for his upcoming NCEA 5th form exams. I believe, with the help of this program he consequently passed! Thanks so much."
  • "I have a 15 year old daughter struggling to grasp Accounting and found your website when looking for a tutor -  it looks fantastic. And I am sure it will be well used from now till November."
  • I recently installed Live-Wire Learning 2005 for my Year 10 son. I found the programme very user friendly to load with clear "walk through" instructions.
    The tutorials were similarly logical to follow. James was able to very quickly find his way to subjects he wanted to study and found the subject matter very useful. The computerised format held his attention and the instant feedback on his answers is a format that works. Well done, Live-wire."
  • "Fantastic revision resource because it gave students another chance to review material not fully understood in class. I am intending to purchase it."
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  • Here is a comment from an Accounting teacher at Aotea College (NZ):
    "Things are going really well with Livewire. The students are enjoying it, they are using it at home as well as a bit at school. Those students without computer access at home come in to the computer lab at lunch time. They don't seem to mind giving up a bit of their own time! A number of them are also using it as a preassessment test before we start a new topic!
       One big lesson they have learnt is that they must read the questions carefully and that is making a difference to the quality of written work they are doing.
  • John Cluett, Head of Sciences Learning Area writes:
    “A class from Albany Junior High School found the registration and login was accomplished with ease. The teacher had no input other than provide the security code. Within the 50 minute period the class completed and all achieved the achieved level sections. Due to time constraints I will only be able to use this a couple more times which is a pity because I think there would be more interest and opportunities if I was to get it “out there”.

    Comments from the students included:
    - “This is easier than my web mail.”
    - “I liked the way I could refer to text in the top part of my screen; I never got lost with an answer; I feel proud.”
    - “I do not like multi choice that ask for two answers; I had a perfect score until then.”
    - “Could we use this next year?” from 4 students.
    - “It was easy to use.”
    - “I like the way I could focus on learning the words.”


  • Jenny Vermunt, secondary English teacher, Invercargill
    "Live-wire Learning provides variety, integrates IT and gives students instant feedback. It has been simple and straight forward to implement in my teaching programme.
        I have been using it very effectively with my Year 11 class primarily as homework. Setting a number of modules each fortnight, I have been quite strict in requiring my students to print off their results, to show them to me and then paste them into their folders. While there are the normal compliance issues around completing homework, the students have enjoyed using the programme and have found it helpful for both internal standards and leading up to the externals. 
        Live-wire provides a stimulating context and revises the skills of English which students can do for themselves. It leaves me more time to focus on other activities. I'm keen to use it with the Junior classes."
  • Kevin Ryan, HoD Science, St. Kevin's College, Oamaru writes:
    "I have found it very useful with our students who were either struggling or needed extending. In the recent school exams we gained a much greater percentage of Excellence grades and some of the less academic students who used Livewire actually passed the exams.
        This also supported our yearly goal of raising Boys' Achievement as they enjoy the competitive nature of keeping track of the results and the fact you can go back, redo and improve.
        We have used it as a support tool because of access to computers but I could see great use for Livewire in a school with wireless access for students or more available computer rooms.
        Live-wire would have some great applications in senior science classes - Bio, Chem. Scholarship are crying out for assessment tools.
  • "The English material is spot on for Level 1.  Very appealing resources in a medium which students will be keen to use.  The instant feedback is excellent because the right answers are explained. So it's a teaching programme, not just a testing programme."
     - Marion Borrell, Hod English, Wakatipu College, Queenstown
  • " We are absolutely delighted with Live wire. One student came in to say that he had heard about Live Wire at school and was keen to try it ... Live-wire has made it possible to do a great job with senior English students in particular. I like the fact that it has examples as well as explanations."
    - KIP MCGRATH director
  • We are finding the engagement of the students to be quite incredible. Currently we have enrolled Year 11 and 12 Accounting students, Year 10 Maths students and a group of gifted and talented Year 9 Maths students.
        The key elements the students really enjoy are the instantaneous feedback the system provides, the tracking of their progress and the ability to work from a range of places both at school and home.
        We are really excited about the opportunities this software can provide for our students and we look forward to working with Live-wire Learning to develop them.”
    - Wayne Duncan MEd(Psych)Hons, PG Dip Ed, BSc, Dip Soc Sci, Dip Tch
    Deputy Principal,
    Northern Southland College
    (You may contact Wayne at wduncan@nsc.school.nz for further details. Northern Southland are integrating Live-wire into classroom teaching via their interactive whiteboards and are strengthening the link between home and school by using the programme for homework.)
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  • The students found it very interesting – we were using it for revision of a previous topic – and were shocked about how much they had forgotten! The more mathematically able students loved the “let's beat the machine” challenge, while the challenged students found the explanations associated with each question very valuable.
    - Jason Reid, Deputy Principal, Aparima College
  • "Re Learning Support: I have found this an excellent resource for students to work at their own pace and level. The content supports NCEA curriculum and reinforces what has been taught in class. The self correcting aspect of the modules is also invaluable.
    - Jocelyn Grantham, Learning Support, Dilworth School
  • “Live Wire is a superb learning tool. It’s flexible enough to be used as a direct instructional aid, for reinforcing important concepts, and/or for self-checking and revision. It relates directly to NCEA requirements and all content is nicely presented, interesting, and engaging. A ‘must have’ resource for teachers and students alike.”
    Dr Michael Reid, PhD – Teacher and Educational Advisor at Middleton Grange School


When I was first asked to take on Live-wire Learning with one of my Year 11 classes, I was sceptical.  There have been lots of similar programmes set up, but none really helped the student to understand the questions. And if they got them wrong, none of the other programmes seemed to be able to explain why they had got a question wrong.

Live-wire Learning is completely different. I must have sold it to my class well, because they were all excited to be part of the pilot scheme. Despite the usual difficulties of getting into the computer suite, it was great - the kids started to really enjoy what they were doing.

To begin with, I left them to it and wandered around answering any questions the students may have had, but most of them had it sussed already! We worked on one of the Achievement Standards that we had been doing in class and had almost finished, so essentially we were using Live-wire for revision. The students were really involved and because they could all work at their own pace, on each question at a time, they felt that they were in control of their own learning. 

Because Live-wire Learning marks the questions as you go along, you get to see what you got right and what you got wrong. When you get a question wrong, you can check straight away as to why you got it wrong. The helpful explanation shows how to do it correctly. 

I usually take the students into the computer suite towards the end of a unit so they can revise on Live-wire but I sometimes use it in class with the data projector. We make answering the questions into a game. I break the class into groups. They answer the question up on the screen then some one from each group brings the answer to the front to be marked. Scores are kept.

I have seen a marked improvement in my students’ confidence in their own abilities as well as in their test grades. The best part of this whole experience has been seeing the boys take a huge role in getting their work done. They all moan when the bell goes and it's time to leave. 90% of the boys in my class have told me that they enjoy it, and that it has helped them.

The other really good aspect is that the students can log on at home if they want to and do some revision outside of school hours. (Only one student in my class does not have a computer at home.)

The whole idea of Live-wire Learning is fantastic. I know that at the end of this year, my students will have consolidated their classroom learning with the Live-wire Learning programme and get better grades than they thought they would.
 - Christine McKnight, Taupo-nui-a-Tia College

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"Just had our first session with the young men today and it went down a treat! The enthusiasm was great to see. Thanks very much for your support, help and prompt responses."
- Janis Burges, Year 12 Dean, Selwyn College, Auckland