DEMO and SUBJECT access instructions

A. To visit the e-learning site, explore the free Demo modules and activate a subject licence:
1. Click here or on the words Login to Frontrunner (above).

2. Create a personal profile by clicking on the button "Create your profile". (A copy of your username and password will be auto emailed to you in case you forget it.)
3. Click on the subject labelled Demonstration 
4. Read the Instructions to the right.
5. Click on Demonstration – Click here
6. Click on a subject folder
7. Click on a module title (under the column LEARNING MODULE)
8. Read the teaching point and answer the questions as they appear. There will be 10 of them.

In the Frame PROGRESS SO FAR correctly or incorrectly answered questions will identify your progress.
- Click on any answer to access an explanation (given where necessary).
- Close window to continue test.
- A summary statement after 10 questions gives a comment, a raw score   /10, and a 'Working at' level. This indicates the level of difficulty a student was working at. Someone may have only scored 2/10 but have been answering mainly Excellence level questions.
- The student should re-sit this module to improve the raw score and achieve mastery.

B. To activate a subject licence code
1. Click on the subject you have purchased e.g. English
2. Along side the specific subject e.g. YEAR 10, click on the hyperlink (click here to install)
3. Paste in your subject specific code and click "Register" – this subject is now licensed for use.
4. Click on the active subject title e.g. YEAR 10
5. Drill down by clicking on the subject names e.g. English – Click here until folders appear.
6. Click on a folder and then a module title (under the column LEARNING MODULE)
7. Read the teaching point and answer the questions as they appear.

C. To visit our secure eCommerce site in order to purchase a subject licence:
i.  Click here or on the words Buy (see above).

Follow the prompts on each page.