English Yr 8-9 Working with Words

workbook coverContents include: background notes and exercises related to the differences between spoken and written language; vocabulary development: the history of the English language, prefixes and suffixes, confusing words; poetic devices and language features; close reading skills and exercises.

The intention is that you, the student, take charge of your learning by using both the interactive elearning website and this workbook to learn and to practise these skills of English.

By using both the elearning material and the work book you can now talk about a chapter in class with your teacher, do some exercises in class and then go on line and use the eLivewire programme to practice your knowledge and understanding of punctuation, word classes like nouns, verbs etc and be able to identify different sentence types.

Remember to re-sit the module to improve your score out of 10 and 'working at' level and track your record of learning and your place on the leader board (see our home page).

Thus you get access to the best of both worlds.

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