Information for Parents

Concerned about the NAPLAN tests or feel like your child needs something more?
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For less than the price of a family meal-deal you can put the digital edge into your Year 7 - 11 teenager's education.

Frontrunner Learning is a smart new way for your high school teenagers to learn at their own speed, in their own time. Frontrunner Learning will help them study successfully, it will improve their exam results ... and a full year's work in any subject costs only $65.00!

Home educators
Frontrunner Learning is ideal for use at home because it provides

  • a comprehensive coverage of each subject
  • graded material
  • an individualised approach
  • instant feedback and explanations.

What's more, you can easily celebrate success, identify and solve problems, monitor progress.

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Summary of Key Educational Features
* structured teaching and clear organisation
* positive use of computers which students are adept with and fascinated by
* a medium which allows students to focus without distractions
* clear targets set and met
* the material presented is relevant to school courses and national exams
* activities are purposeful and lead to a result
* there is a reliable ladder of progress and instant results to challenge students.

Minimal Computer Investment Required
eFrontrunner can be used on any computer but works best on Internet Explorer.